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Pavla Blažková

Certified Lactation Consultant and Maternity Support


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Lactation Consulting

Whether you're dealing with pain, slow weight gain of your baby or any other issue which makes breastfeeding uncomfortable, I am here to help.

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Antenatal Breastfeeding Courses

I´ll give you all the information and practical skills you need to make the start of your breastfeeding journey as smooth as possible.

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Breastfeeding Support Groups

Come and join me in a safe and friendly environment, where you can meet other moms to share your motherhood experience with.


“Breastfeeding doesn´t have to be just the annoying phase you have to go through. I am here for you to provide all the support you need and to help you to overcome any obstacles you can meet on your way.”

Laktační poradkyně Pavla Blažková

About Me

I am a Lactation Consultant with certification from the MAMILA o.z.

I´m also a mom of two wonderful boys who appreciates the importance of how one experiences the first years of motherhood. I understand that sometimes it can get pretty rough and that, sometimes, we all need a little advice, support, and – most importantly – a reassurance, that we are truly the best moms for our kids. I work mainly in Brno – Vyškov and Slavkov u Brna region. 

Působím v oblasti Brno – Vyškov – Slavkov u Brna

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Lenka, Vyškov

A quick helping hand, no problem to meet straight the next day. Thanks to her, we managed to overcome our issues. Can recommend.

Ema, Rousínov

I have used the help from MAMILA Lactation Consultants before with my two older children. With my third, I didn’t really watch breastfeeding closely, perhaps I was too tired. Then I started experiencing pain and breastfeeding started to be uncomfortable. Despite remembering some remedies, I decided it was time to call for a LC.
Someone recommended to contact Pavla, whom I’ve already known. I’m very glad that there’s another great consultant in my area. So, she came, showed me the right technique to breastfeed the baby, helped me to improve his position, advised how to take care of my sore nipples and many more... and that was it. It’s incredible how much this information can help.
Now breastfeeding is again a pleasant part of everyday contact with my baby :)
Thank you.

Barbora, Viničné Šumice

My pediatrician recommended this lactation consultant at our first appointment and I’m very grateful for that. Getting rid of nipple shields and formula supplements was faster than we expected and now I can finally breastfeed exclusively. Communication with Pavla is very pleasant and she responds promptly. I can not recommend more. Thank you very much once again.